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Great soft cock. Love the foreskin.
Mmmhhhhhhhh I wanna suck that fat beauty!
Ok , since no one else has the balls to ask : What the hell
that's how you restore a foreskin
Looks great !!!
Crystal Ball in the 4skin
the rings on the foreskin overhang are SO HOT!!!
so lovely ... art !!
Very nice long tube good for swinging over my face and to
looks great ... fantastic foreskin !
Told ya, ya broke it!
I catch every drip of your juice. Looks so delicious.
Inflated skin
I'd be happy to share mine with you!!!
This is not a dick! It's an elephant's trunk!
All I have to say, is what a beautiful sight !
Oh look, the one eyed snake!
Very sure have a lot of fun with your foreskin
Believe me, robby, I'd like that, toooooooo!
The Kiss
Such a perfect the natural look
All tucked in but my 4skin!
yum this is one super awesome cock
Inflated yet again
Hang'n 4skin
Wow! Almost no ball sac. The cock is great!
mmm----hot foreskin view !!!
I wanna suck this like that
In the tube
4skin vac
Inflation apparatus
More CockPussy
very nice! wish my foreskin was that long!!!
It's beautiful and looks like it weighs a bit too.
STUFFED solid this time, with PlayDoh
A li'l tuck and a li'l insert, hehehe
My Frenny
What is this???
Inflated and STRETCHED!!!
Through the Looking Glass?
It's in there.... somewhere! ;-)
Measuring the opening...
Up-close & personal!
Please replace your finger by my glans, PLEASE!
Foreskin pulled back up over where it was retracted
For the 'skin lovers out there!
Resting after a HARD couple nights
Crystal ball in my foreskin
Stretching before starting my workout! :-)
Veins anyone???
A few rings under the skin
Just hangin' around...
Would so much like to change the gears!
love the foreskin!!!
Awesome hanger, mate!
a good lick of tongue
Let me softly chew and suck on your huge foreskin before my
This Tasty pliable prepuce and hood can go on for miles...
what a lovely nice dick, i love it
Just foreskin
With vibrator tucked inside
Just another shot of my floppy 4skin
Just another
Docking with myself via photoshop, ;-)
My 7-incher, fully flaccid and all tucked in. ;-)
Just hangin' out & relaxin'
Are three nuts really unusual???
Stretched recovery
Art is where one finds it... lookin' at my skin end, hehehe.
Let there be light!
after a hard day?
The foreskin of the foreskins. Fantastic!
Your (cock) docking station awaits!!!
...and with a twist of frenny!
Imagine that...
nice meat stick
A little more "artsy-fartsy."
A frenny pic, too.
And, one more for today...
Let there be LIGHT!
Sexy, sexy trunk!
Beautiful foreskin
I'd love to enter you
like to slide it slowly back and forth....
Been tuggin' the skin, again... my droopy self, hehehe!!!
stick it in my ass
slip your forskin over mine...
Mosquitos got it!!!
Beautiful sexy shot....lovely hot cock!! Love to play with
Would anyone like to help me STRETCH it???
Just hangin' around
A little precum... just gettin' started for a long night of it...
Tucked in and "stumpy." Can you coax him out???
Nothin' better than being turned on just enough to precum constantly
I see multiple inches yummy wrinkly hooded foreskin that ca
Takin' it in my "skin-cunt"
Cum on in... if ya can find an opening ;-)
My ever so paltry, empty looking ball sack
keep it cumming!!!
Lovely resting trouser snake on a bed of sexy fur
great hairy cock
OH FUCK... My Gawd.. that is HOT...
A pic a friend likes
This Pud's for YOU!!! ;-)

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